Who is a Traffic Arbitrage Specialist

Arbitrage is the difference between buying and selling. Traffic arbitrage is customer acquisition for a fee. Traffic arbitrage specialists charge for only the fact of acquisition a client. Traffic arbitrage is white and black. White arbitrage is the attraction of clients by legal and ethical methods. However, there are. Among black traffic arbitrage methods are clickander, clickbait and so on. Traffic arbitrage can be direct. In this case traffic transfer to a partner project. In other case a landing page is used. The landing page can either redirect to a partner site or have a registration form for collecting a database. The landing page can either redirect to a partner site or have a registration form for collecting a database. Traffic must be targeted. To control traffic and make timely adjustments to your advertising campaign, you need to use a landing page. This will allow you to make timely adjustments and determine the effectiveness of the channels. Correct settings and installation of statistics will show real transitions from the landing page to the partnership page. Traffic can be divided into several types according to the degree of costs. The first is free traffic where information is posted on forums in social networks through their personal channels, the site and so on. The second type is paid contextual advertising, both in search engines and in social networks.

A traffic acquisition specialist should be able to use all channels for white arbitrage. For example, he or she should be able to set up contextual and targeted advertising on social networks, Google and other search engines. A good specialist has a database of bloggers and collaborate with them.

There are several features that a young specialist should keep in mind when working with arbitrage traffic. Payment for labor is carried out only after customers acquisition. A large number of traffic channels can prevent a young specialist from seeing any shortcomings in advertising campaigns.

An arbitrageur is a freelance marketer. This profession suits you if you are both a marketer and a seller in one person.

by Ines Ivensh,